Turn off transparency for privacy

Designed by Russian door makers Mauer Buro, hybrid glazing makes glass a little more convient where a switch can turn the pane from opaque to transparent.

Head to Dornob for more info


Marcou Morsels

Alexis Marcou caught my eye as I was browsing Fubiz. This illustrator catches movement on the page so well. I love the sketching and minimal colour used over the photography to create this gorgeous geometric effect. Fascinating illustrator. I especially love these sketches.

more at alexismarcou.com


Herman Miller for ergonomic desks

Enter the Envelope Desk designed by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber. The front section "tilts up to 7 degrees in order to maintain sightline with a computer monitor or laptop". There’s a matching chair, too! More at Herman Miller.

via Mocoloco


nuff said.



(Source: meme4u, via juliasegal)


The Museum of Obsolete Objects

This is gorgeous.

link via swissmiss


Graphic Designer Patrik Svensso

Lovely, simple posters by graphic designer Patrik Svensso.

Interview over at Smoking Designers


London Bus Tour from moritz oberholzer on Vimeo.


A Desk for Small Spaces

This “hallway secrecy table” is rad because you pull the work surface toward you to reveal the inside compartments (instead of pulling drawers).

Designed by Daniel Schofield, this table works very well as a desk for smaller living areas, with the adjustable size making it versatile for small spaces.http://mocoloco.com/fresh2/upload/2011/09/shifty_desk_hallway_stand_by_daniel_schofield/shifty_desk_hallway_stand_daniel_schofield_2b.jpg

Link via Mocoloco


Forty-Five Prefab Fashions

Pre-fabricated housing is still going strong, my favourite of which being shipping container houses which I blogged about in November, last year

Dornob just released a lovely collation of some of the most inspiring ones out there.  

My mission is renewed.


Cucumber Chords

Dutch artist Ronald Van Der Meijs has created ‘Parthenocarp’, representative of the changing landscape of an urban zone in The Netherlands that shifted from farming to industrial to a ‘downtown centre’. 

The installation is comprised of three large-scale musical instruments with cucumber plants embedded in their structure. The sound these instruments make is affected by the growth of these plants, particularly the length of the vegetable.

And so the tone of each instrument mutates as the cucumbers grow.

All the info over at Designboom.


Beautiful Orange Elephant Sculpture

This elephant, designed and created by Javier Requejo is not specially crafted out of some form of autumn ivy as you may have imagined. It’s a combination of 8 months, 150,000 knots of polypropylene and a metal skeletion. Do I want it? Hell yes.

Link via MocoLoco


The Infinite Adventure Machine (prototype 01) from David Benqué on Vimeo.



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